NY MAG'S Bedford + Bowery Spotlights Moon Cycle Massage



"Rachel Beider, owner of Massage Williamsburg and Massage Greenpoint, is making your monthly visit from Aunt Flo a whole lot easier. Yesterday Beider and her massage studios rolled out a new service, her first in nine years, specifically to help ease period pain, which nearly all women experience.

The massage, called Moon Cycle Massage, will give clients a deep tissue massage focused on alleviating PMS, cramps and other monthly woes with rose geranium massage oil, a heat pack infused with lavender and flax seed and a relaxing cup of raspberry leaf tea to round out the experience. All of which she herself loves to indulge in each month.

'In the two days before my period starts I usually have a lot of lower back pain, specifically, and getting a massage is extremely helpful for me,' Beider said. 'And I was just thinking about what else do I do for myself that’s really therapeutic during that time?'

Beider, one of the New York masseuses who reportedly saw a spike in business after the election of Trump, said she hasn’t given a Moon Cycle Massage yet since she just announced the new service, but her masseuses have been practicing on each other. She also said her clients and majority female staff had expressed interest in a massage aimed at making women’s lives easier, which motivated her to add it to the list of services."

Original Article by Shannon Barbour here: PMS Got You Down? This Masseuse Wants to Give You a 'Moon Cycle Massage'

Rachel Beider